Escuela Loreto Abat Oliba

The place to learn how to live

Welcome to the Abat Oliba Loreto school. A concerted school institution, with more than thirty years of teaching experience. We offer an education based on Christian virtues and encourage our students to commit to society and each of their fellow citizens.

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Education specialists

The main wealth of a school is its faculty.

It is important to recognize that thanks to our great faculty, we can offer the academic, human and spiritual education that our students receive.

An education of which we are deeply proud.

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Summer activities

Extracurricular activities


Results obtained by Baccalaureate students in the selectivity tests in June 2022

Course information 2022-2023

Schedule and calendar

Teaching and reception schedule for all courses, start and end dates of the course, holidays and vacations


Official uniform of Abat Oliba Loreto School for kindergarten, primary and ESO.


List of textbooks associated with each course and effective way to obtain them.

Parent meetings

Calendar of parent meetings by trimester and by cycle, and location of the meetings.

School supplies

Detailed school supplies associated with each course. Quantities and formats expected for infant and primary.

Bus routes

Registration for bus routes and consultation of the schedule and geographic location of each stop.

Extracurricular activities

Learn about all the extracurricular activities: music, sports, dance, gymnastics, kumon.

School menu

School menu for kindergarten and elementary school. Weekly nutritional report associated with each course.

Childcare out-of-school hours

Detailed information about childcare out-of-school hours.

Student dossier

Secondary School and Hight School
Dates of evaluations, outings, activities, rules of coexistence and Global Evaluation exams.


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Your future starts now

A solid education, strong values and broad knowledge.
Enthusiasm, initiative and the ability to choose their own future.

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