Pre-registration process

Planned dates for school pre-registration From P3 to 4th of ESO, are from May 13 to 22.

Our admissions department will guide you personally and telematically through the whole process.
As indicated by the department, face-to-face application will be an exception and will require an appointment.

We provide you with avideo tutorialthat we have prepared to guide you step by step.
of filling out the application form.

To schedule a personalized interview, please contact us at 93 204 08 16 or send an e-mail toloretoadmision@abatoliba.edu.
We continue to offer families the opportunity to learn about our educational project.

Thank you all for your understanding and love! We continue to offer families the opportunity to learn about our educational project.

Welcome to Abat Oliba Loreto School. A concerted school institution, with more than thirty years of teaching experience. We offer an education based on Christian virtues and foster in our students a commitment to society and each of their fellow citizens.

Summer activities

Multilingual project

Students with solid linguistic competence who obtain a good command of two foreign languages.

School prevention

Protection of the student with the Bullying and Violence Prevention Program (AVE).

Debate club

A space where students can train and improve their communication skills effectively.

Reading club

Weekly meeting between teacher and students to deepen their understanding of a literary classic

International Experiences

With destinations in France, Italy, USA and Canada for secondary school students. Cultural trips in Europe for high school students

Dual High School

Two concurrent degrees: the baccalaureate from the student's home country and the U.S. High School.

Work Experience for 1st of High School

Pre-University Counseling Program.

Results obtained in selectivity

Results obtained by high school students in the selectivity tests in June 2019.

Basic competencies of Elementory School

Proficiency with the percentage distribution of the center's student body at each of the achievement levels.

Home 1
Home 2

The place to learn how to live

Information for the 2021-2022 academic year

Schedule and calendar

School and reception timetable for all courses, start and end dates, holidays and vacations.


Official uniform of Abat Oliba Loreto School for kindergarten, primary and ESO.


List of textbooks associated with each course and effective way to obtain them.

Parent meetings

Calendar of parent meetings by trimester and by cycle, and location of the meetings.

School supplies

Detailed school supplies associated with each course. Quantities and formats expected for infant and primary.

Bus routes

Registration for bus routes and consultation of the schedule and geographic location of each stop.

Extracurricular activities

Learn about all the extracurricular activities: music, sports, dance, gymnastics, kumon.

School menu

School menu for kindergarten and elementary school. Weekly nutritional report associated with each course.


Access to the weekly registration form.

Student dossier

Secondary School and High School
Dates of evaluations, outings, activities, coexistence rules and Global Evaluation exams.


“Now I’m going to start my degree in England and thanks to the Dual Baccalaureate at Abat Oliba Loreto I have ended up getting the American High School.”


Pablo Santamaría

Alumni, Class of 2018

“The Abat Oliba Loreto School helped me discover that I like to learn. The teachers transmitted to me a taste, attention and passion for what they were explaining that I think I explain as a result of their Christian values.”


Andrea Ripoll

Alumni, Class of 2012

Home 3

Your future starts now

A solid education, strong values and broad knowledge.
Enthusiasm, initiative and the ability to choose their own future.