Essential principles

The family

  • The family is the natural environment for child growth and education.
  • The school is going to be an essential and necessary aid for the intellectual and moral development of our children.

The centre

  • A manifest function of school is to guide the natural wish of the child for knowing and searching the answer to all questions.
  • Education in school tends to favour this encounter between the student and the reality of things and life.
  • Through this watchful eye to the outward reality, children are going to discover their own interior reality, where they’re going to find signs for the last reasons to everything that happens.

The school

  • School education is based on this personal encounter between the student and the teacher.
  • Even though every child and every teenager is the undeniable protagonist of his/her own growth, the teacher is the intellectual and moral example who shows the reality and at the same time gives the student the resources to know it and provides him/her with the first criteria to judge it.

The respect

  • Take care of the things is a proof of consideration and respect towards those people who are going to use them.
  • Students, following the example of the grown-ups, make amends for what they’ve done and learn to be responsible for their own behaviour acquiring a responsible freedom.

The resources

  • The school is going to provide the student with all the necessary resources for a better education. Technical, audiovisual, computer and bibliographical means are always available under the teacher monitoring and for a final use according to the age of the student.
  • Main importance is going to be given to written and oral expression with the objective to learn at a natural rhythm and to configure the comprehension of logical structures of thinking and language.

The environment

  • Main objective in the school is to create an environment where wisdom in general, personal and classmates’ improvement in particular, are really appreciated.
  • Love for serious and demanding work and constant and patient study are both essential conditions for the appropriate knowledge and development of personal skills, as well as for the calm acceptance of our own limitations.
  • A good knowledge of oneself together with some excellent study habits will let us overcome any difficulty in better spirits and with great strength and courage.

The people

  • The school, convinced of the supreme value of humans dignity, Sons of God thanks to Jesus Christ, educates having respect for God and God’s work, as the cause of our own dignity.
  • This respect for people and the esteem for the truth and for the right things are the principles in our community.
  • As a mark of respect we have the obligation to love our neighbour.
  • With regard to other people from other cultures and origins, we must be prepared to share our cultural and human goods. This is the way we reinforce our educational life, appreciating everything we all have in common.

Student – Teacher

  • This encounter between student and teacher takes place only in a real sense in a larger community.
  • The teacher will find here his/her model; the family will find a support and the child or teenager will have an initial experience of a fair and tidy social life, which is moving forward to a better and real future.
  • In this educational community, the child learns every day how to choose and experiment the possibility of certainties in moral life, assessed by the experience of former generations and lived as a humanity treasure for all human beings now and forever.

Duty and gratitude

  • The school promotes in the students the love to parents and to the family as well as a sense of obedience and gratitude towards them. Friendship and comradeship are important values developed in the path of goodness.
  • Desarrollar el sentido del deber y del agradecimiento hacia quienes nos acompañan y procuran nuestro bien, es la mejor escuela de ciudadanía: dispone a la solidaridad, nos mueve a procurar el bien común, a apreciar el patrimonio público, el fruto del trabajo de muchos y a exigir a los gobernantes el cumplimiento de sus deberes de justicia hacia los gobernados.

Christian education

  • Regarding Christian education, students begin the day with a daily prayer.
  • The school offers the possibility to receive the First Communion, the Confirmation sacrament and the frequent participation in the mass.
  • This religious education moves to a real practice of the Faith mystery with a generous, responsible attitude in communion with the universal church, with parents, teachers and colleagues, within a happy and confident environment that helps us to give our best and try that the rest of us behave even better.

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