Pre-School Education

Pre-School education is divided in two cycles:

  • First cycle: children in the age range of 0 to 3.
  • Second cycle: children in the age range of 3 to 6.

Both cycles are closely linked and we try to maintain this relationship of coherence and continuity, providing the children with a variety of educational contexts where to expand, complement and diversify the experiences lived in the family environment.

During this period, we make the greatest number of experiences available to our students in order to improve their skills which are going to let them be competent and get on in the current world.

First cycle: 0-3 years.

In Pre-school first cycle, everyday life is going to be the core of any activity. For example, time to rest or have an afternoon snack must be educational and give the children the opportunity to acquire new skills or capacities. We think that everything that happens since children arrive at school until they leave it is very important for their development.

We try to take care of all details because children must feel well and happy at school and an atmosphere of trust and self-confidence is essential in the learning process. Only when children feel they are loved and looked after, they are prepared to learn, explore, experiment, listen and observe everything that surrounds them. Therefore, children must be looked after and acquire the most important habits in relation to their age, such as autonomy, hygiene, sleep and nutrition.

Children are curious and they want to know and explore what surrounds them. They feel curiosity about any object near them and about the reactions that they often involuntarily cause in adults. They explore everything they have in their hands.

This curiosity is the engine that makes them move forward and we must make the most of it. This is the reason why we try to create environments where they can experiment and show their potential to discover everything that surrounds them. The relationship of children with knowledge depends on the way we treat this curiosity, this attitude to explore, discover, know…

Second cycle: 3-6 years.

In Pre-school second cycle, we continue giving great importance to daily habits and routines but children are older and more autonomous and we can devote some time to activities of academic nature.

Main objective in this second cycle is to stimulate students to acquire basic capacities which are going to let them learn and develop in an autonomous way. These capacities are the following:

– Learning to be and behave in an autonomous way.
– Learning to think and communicate.
– Learning to discover and have initiative (think outside the box).
– Learning to live together and coexist in the world.

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