Scholarships and FAO grants

The Abat Oliba Foundation (FAO) has as its primary objective human and intellectual excellence. This in mind, it looks to create an environment in which students can reach their full potential, authentically developing and strengthening their intellectual and moral lives.

For this reason, it is part of Abat Oliba’s mission to pay special attention to families, which are the nuclei of society, and in particular to those students who, despite their academic merit, do not have the economic resources necessary to receive the education they desire.

This is why Abat Oliba scholarships exist, to contribute to this educational project in an authentic and effective way.

Type of grants

1.Aid for studies. The decision to grant this type of scholarship is made by a Scholarship Board made up of members from our management team and members of the FAO Board of Trustees. All our centres offer this type of aid, taking into account the following parameters and considering each case individually:

–Student’s academic record.

–Family situation (threshold of income, number of children, special circumstances…).

2. Large families. Families with three or more children that have more than two children studying in any of our centres receive a grant which covers 50% of the total tuition of the third child and a grant which covers 100% of the tuition of any children thereafter.

3. Academic Excellence. These scholarships are given to students with expectational academic standing. The top student of the fourth year of “ESO and the top student of the first year of high school receive grants which cover 50% of tuition for the following academic year.

4.Orphanhood. The Fundación Privada AbatOliba has decided to contract life insurance to protect students’ parents who are enrolled in Abat Oliba-Loreto school.