Scholarships and FAO grants

Human and intellectual excellences are main objectives of Abat Oliba Foundation. Students must feel this atmosphere in the educational proposal facing the authentic model of exemplary morality and intellectual life.

This is the reason why we pay special attention to family life and in particular to those students who haven’t the necessary economic resources for the appropriate education.

This interest gives meaning to our Abat Oliba scholarships. We hope that they are going to contribute in the best and more efficiently way possible to the success of this educational project.

Type of grants

  1. Money for studies. All our centres offer economic help considering the following parameters and attending each case individually. A committee for grants formed by the director of the centre and some members of the FAO Foundation’s Board are in charge of the concession.
    • Student academic record.
    • Family situation (threshold of income, number of children, special circumstances…).
  2. 2. Large families. Large families –three or more children – who have more tan two children studying in any of our centres, will receive a grant of 50% of the total price of the academic course for the third child and of 100% for the rest of the children.
  3. Academic Excellence. These grants are given to students who have reached academic merits. The best two students of fourth ESO and also the two best in first year in High School will receive 50% discount in the school fee for the following year.
  4. 4. Orphanage. Abat Oliba Private Foundation has decided to contract a life insurance to protect students’ parents who are enrolled in Abat Oliba-Loreto school.