School rules and regulations

ESO and high school norms

This document is intended to serve as a basic guide for teachers and students regarding the norms of the school and our academic calendar. The objective is to facilitate the dynamics of everyday student life.

In the Calendar you’ll find the dates for exams, report cards, and the activities planned and scheduled before the start of the school year.

You will also find an important new section below concerning academic criteria, where the percentages of each exam evaluation are outlined, along with the additional attitude evaluation criteria.

The rules regarding coexistence and use of facilities are also included below.

I. Calendar

A. Academic Calendar

Evaluations ESO and Baccalaureate

1st grading periodSeptember 12 to December 2
ExamsNovember 28 to December 2
Sending newslettersDecember 16
2nd grading periodDecember 7 to March 21
ExamsMarch 16 to March 21
Report cards go outMarch 31
3rd grading periodMarch 22 to June 21
2nd year of high school examsMay 15 to May 19
Report cards go outMay 26
1st year of high school and “ESO” examsJune 15 to June 20
Report cards go outJune 28
Summer reinforcement activities announcedJune 30
PAU training
Extraordinary training classesMay 29 to June 9
PAUJune 13-15. Pending confirmation
Extraordinary exams
Pending subjects for 1st year high school studentsApril 20 and 21
Pending subjects 2nd year high school studentsJune 15-20
“ESO” and high school extraordinary examsSeptember 4 and 5
Report cards go outSeptember 7

B. Activities Calendar

School calendar

Monday 12th SeptemberStart of course.
Wednesday 12th OctoberHoliday- Our Lady of the Pilar
Monday 31st OctoberHoliday (exclusive to Abat Oliba)
Tuesday 1st NovemberHoliday- Feast of All Saints
Monday 5th DecemberHoliday (exclusive to Abat Oliba)
Tuesday 6th DecemberHoliday- Constitution Day
Thursday 8th DecemberHoliday- Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Thursday 22nd DecemberLast school day before Christmas holiday
Monday 9th January2nd semester classes begin
Monday 27th FebruaryHoliday (exclusive to Abat Oliba)
Friday 7th AprilLast school day before Easter holiday
Tuesday 18th AprilFirst school day after Easter holiday
Monday 1st MayHoliday- Feast of St. Joseph the Worker
Friday 2nd JuneHoliday (exclusive to Abat Oliba)
Monday 5th JuneLocal holiday, 2nd Easter
Wednesday 21st JuneLast day of school

First Quarter

1st Quarter: 2nd, 3rd and 4th year “ESO” students exchange to Ireland

September 7: 4th year “ESO” and high school students parent meeting at 20h

September 8: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year “ESO” students parent meeting at 20h

September 22 and 23: 1st year “ESO” students coexistence tutorial

September 22 to 23: Cultural trip to Madrid (2nd year high school Art History students)

October 3 to 9: 4th year “ESO” and first year high school students exchange to Fenelon (Paris)

December 13: Deadline for turning in research (2nd year of high school students)

December 12 to 16: Work Experience (1st year high school students).

December 14 to 17: Cultural trip to Rome (2nd year high school Art History students)

Second Quarter

January 13: Deadline for turning in research (2nd year of high school students).

To determine 3rd or 4th week of January: Cultural trip to CERN in Geneva, Switzerland (2nd year high school Science-track students)

March 23 to 25: Cultural trip to Paris (2nd year high school Art History students) TBD

Cultural trip to Brussels (2nd year high school Economics students)

April 3 to 7: TBD second foreign language exchange trips for 4th year “ESO” students

Third Quarter

April 18-21: Synthesis credits for 1st and 2nd year “ESO” students

May 2-5: Synthesis credits for 3rd and 4th year “ESO” research projects

TBD Pilgrimage

May 25: 2nd year high school graduation day

June 8: Confirmation (date proposed by Archbishop).