The institution

With more than thirty years of teaching experience, our school educates students, maintaining from its origins the principles of Christian education.

Who are we?

The Abat Oliba-Loreto School has a long educational tradition in Barcelona.

Con más de treinta años de trayectoria docente, nuestro colegio educa a los alumnos, manteniendo desde sus orígenes los principios de la educación cristiana.

It currently belongs to the educational works of the Catholic Association of Propagandists (ACdP). Founded in 1908 by the Jesuit priest Ángel Ayala, it had Cardinal Herrera Oria as its first President, and from its origins it has dedicated all its efforts to the good formation of lay people for action in public life.

The institution 1
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Educational Offering

Educating someone means teaching them how to live. Therefore, education is the introduction to the meaning of life

Like the family, the school aims for the student to discover the value and meaning of things and of life as a whole. Thus, the educational proposal should encourage the student to perceive what what he/she does at school has to do with his/her personal life.

This is the real source of motivation for study and the key to educational success. The relationship of trust and authority between students and teachers creates the climate that allows for a true education.

Our Team Management

Knowing that what really educates is the teacher-student relationship, we give special importance to the formation of a cohesive and enthusiastic team.

Four educational stages in the same center...

We understand teaching within an integrated educational framework, delivered within the four educational stages:

Your future starts now

A solid education, strong values and broad knowledge.
Enthusiasm, initiative and the ability to choose their own future.