Secondary School

"Learning to think"

The Secondary Education (ESO) is the educational stage after Elementory School, and involves a four-year itinerary.

Our methodology

During this stage, students must consolidate the work methodology and the learning of contents that will allow them to adequately access High School. At the same time, special attention should be paid to age-related difficulties as adolescence begins to set in.

The accompaniment must be more intense, providing clear criteria for facing life and study. Educational proposals of activities outside school to promote understanding and personal, intellectual and emotional maturity: schooling in Ireland from 2nd ESO, exchange with foreign schools to promote language learning and proposals for cultural trips throughout the stage.

General aspects

The organizational and methodological approach of our center focuses on the following general aspects:

Split groups

Groups divided by levels in all languages (Spanish, Catalan, English, second foreign language - German, French or Italian - mathematics and natural sciences. It represents almost 70% of the number of classes split.

Practical teaching

Teaching and learning Mathematics and Social Sciences from problems, documents, maps and analysis of current and historical conflicts, without a textbook.

Teaching Methodology

Serious work methodology, where the teaching and learning of the Spanish and Catalan languages is based on readings and literary works, without a textbook.

Laboratory activities

Integration of weekly Natural Science practices in the Biology and Physics and Chemistry laboratories.


Design of volunteer activities in 3rd and 4th ESO, with the participation of all students.

Physical education in English

Physical Education taught in English, two hours per week.


Design of four levels of English language learning, four hours per week.


Attention to diversity through classes and close communication with the team of tutors and the center's psycho-pedagogical office.

Language school and summer courses

Language school and
summer courses

We offer specific English classes throughout the course for students to prepare, according to the level of each stage and staff, for the Cambridge exams, KET, PET, FIRST and ADVANCED. In addition, in collaboration with various specialized institutions, we offer stays abroad during the summers to deepen the learning of English.

Your future starts now

A solid education, strong values and broad knowledge.
Enthusiasm, initiative and the ability to choose their own future.